Founded in 2014 by Michele Ross, PhD, endometriosis survivor, scientist, and health coach, Endometriosis Pain Relief Center is a treatment center for women and men who want to manage emotional, physical, and spiritual pain through our holistic approach.

Our holistic services will boost your health to normal if you have a chronic illness, and push it to superhuman if you’re healthy and looking to take your body and mind to the next level. We are experts in managing endometriosis, pelvic pain, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, ADHD, insomnia, stress, PTSD, and more.

We service patients throughout the Denver metro area at our center, and offer Skype one-on-one coaching sessions and group webinars for patients nationwide.

Our services include: nutrition counseling, patient advocacy, cannabis consultation, detoxification, one-on-one coaching, classes, and support groups.

For more information about Endometriosis Pain Relief Center, please call or e-mail.

local: (720) 486-9062


mailing: 230 S Monaco Parkway, #511 Denver, CO 80224