In November 2013, I  began to get sick. Over time I suffered so much pain, body spasms, muscle weakness, vomiting, nausea, and headaches that I became bedridden, and often had to be carried to the bathroom. I could not longer take care of myself, and doctor’s didn’t understand why.

First I was diagnosed with endometriosis, but this didn’t explain all my health problems. I looked to what variables changed before I got sick. I had moved into a new 1920’s apartment in October and by November I was ill. My husband, who had experience in home restoration, suggested we test for lead and mold. Turns out our home was raining lead dust from the ceiling and walls at 20x legal levels, and was covered in mold of many types due to a huge roof leak that was painted over instead of fixed. I was breathing in lead and mold every minute, and since I was bedridden, continued to get worse the longer I was in the house.

We were forced to move out of the apartment so the landlord could fix the lead and mold problems found by the city inspector. Strangely enough, some of my symptoms started to get better. The pain got better each day until I could manage to walk by myself with a walker, then just a cane. My asthma attacks went from 7 times a day to 1 or even none.

We returned in September, and immediately I started to get sick again. City inspectors found out he did a horrible job of removing the lead and the dust was all over our clothes, even the plates we ate off of. It was still in the air, forcing us to move out again for several days while he cleaned up the lead. The mold he never fixed, which explains why I was not fully better until months after we moved out, left Los Angeles, and moved to Denver.

A higher elevation gave me better perspective. My body and soul were burdened by mold and heavy metal poisoning, and being sick for over a year brought more health problems. I was so stressed out by pain, isolation, anger at my landlord, and frustration of not being at optimal health that I knew something had to change. I worked on my diet first, then found ways to stretch or exercise despite my range of motion being limited. The hardest part of getting back to healthy was working on letting go of my psychological baggage and focusing on loving myself before I try to heal others.

I explored traditional treatments, psychedelics, herbs, spiritual healing, Chinese medicine, vegan diets, detox cleanse, IV medicines and oxygen bars. I’ve read tons of books and interviewed lots of experts. As a neuroscientists I am a natural researcher and have combined all my knowledge into system that works for completely healing your mind and body. You can beat endometriosis or whatever illness ails you, as shown by numerous people I have helped.

I was inspired by my high rate of success to open a treatment center where all forms of holistic medicine are available to help women with pelvic pain in one convenient location.

The Endometriosis Pain Relief Center offers safe and effective options to promote healing and wellness in women. Each service has been chose as the direct result of success in my own treatment.

Our goal is to service not only women with endometriosis, but also individuals with a variety of other conditions. Through research, we learned that each of the services we offer are effective for so much more than endometriosis. We are pleased to offer our service to women with pelvic pain, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, PTSD, and anyone who wants to reduce stress, eat healthier, and operate at their top level.

Please join me on this incredible journey!

-Michele Ross, PhD, Founder of Endometriosis Pain Relief Center

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