At Endometriosis Pain Relief Center, we offer a variety of integrative health services to assist you in your path to wellness without surgery or hormones.

Acupuncture: We’ve partnered with an top-rated acupuncture clinic to provide weekly acupuncture sessions for our patients at 70% off the normal rate.

Cannabis Consultation:

Detoxification: We create custom cleanses and detoxification regimens tailored to your symptoms and goals.

Meditation Sessions:

Nutrition Counseling:

Premade Meals: Eating properly can reduce inflammation and pain associated with endometriosis. The problem is that sticking to the Endometriosis Diet is hard if you don’t have the time to cook food or discipline to avoid fast food and restaurants. We make it easy by making a week’s worth of meals ahead of time. You’ll know how the calorie content so it will be easy for you to lose weight too, something that many women with endometriosis struggle with.

Stress Management:

Yoga: We’ve partnered with a top-rated yoga center to provide a variety of stress-busting, pain-relieving yoga classes to heal your body and soul at a 70% discount.