Support The CARERS Act And Legalize Marijuana

Senators Rand Paul, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Cory Booker introduced the CARERS Act to change marijuana from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule II drug. We urge you to support this bill because medical marijuana helps many women with endometriosis, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic illnesses.

By moving medical marijuana from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2, the government acknowledges that there are medical benefits to cannabis (something it’s known for the last 50 years) and lowers the criminal penalties for growers, sellers, and patients who use cannabis. This means there is almost no chance you will be arrested in a state where medical marijuana is legal for simple possession, and it reduces the risk of growing marijuana for personal use.

A huge benefit of the CARERS Act is the health insurance companies will be able to cover medical marijuana if they choose to. Right now many people would like to trade in their 10 prescriptions for cannabis, but can’ because they had to pay out of pocket for cannabis. Reducing the cost of cannabis to a co-pay at a dispensary would make pharmaceutical-quality cannabis finally available to millions of women in pain.

The CARERS Act also legalizes CBD oil, which is cannabidiol extract from cannabis or hemp plants. CBD is non-psychoactive and the second most common cannabinoid in cannabis after psychoactive THC. CBD has many health benefits, including reducing inflammation, nausea, seizures, and cancer growth. Currently CBD from hemp is allowed for sale in the United States, but it must be imported from other countries such as China and quality control is lacking. The CARERS Act would allow growers to harvest high CBD cannabis plants and extract the CBD, and dispensaries to sell the CBD oil, and patients to buy it without fear of arrest.

The CARERS Act also makes it easier for dispensaries to operate and businesses to develop new treatments for diseases based in cannabinoid medicine. It also removes the red tape and allows more clinical research of cannabis in humans. Our  founder’s cannabis R & D company CannaBioscience will be able to bring our cannabis-based treatments for endometriosis, yeast infections, and more to clinical testing to prove the beneficial effects of cannabis.

A companion bill to the CARERS Act introduced to the Senate was introduced in the House by Representatives Steve Cohen and Don Young on March 24th, 2015.

Please email your Senators asking them to vote for the CARERS Act using this email form provided by Drug Policy Alliance. Just click the button below:

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photo credit: Rand Paul via photopin (license)