6 Tips For Dealing With Winter Pelvic Pain


Changes in weather can seriously mess with your endometriosis pain. Want to know why? Read our article “Does Cold Weather Make Endometriosis Worse?

Follow our 6 tips for dealing with pelvic pain in cold weather:

Watch the weather. Befriend your local weatherman on the tv, and keep an eye out for drops in barometric pressure. If there is one coming your way, increase your anti-inflammatory pain medication before the storm hits. It’s always easier to prevent pain onset than treat pain once it’s here.

Boost your mood. You might not be able to make winter go away with a pill, but you can boost your brain’s ability to cope with the increase in pain with supplements that increase happy hormones or reduce stress hormones. We suggest taking ashwagandha to lower stress, 5-HTP to boost serotonin levels, St. John’s Wort to boost mood, and melatonin to control irregular sleep patterns due to pain. Add fish oil and vitamin D to fight inflammation. We don’t get as much sun in the winter and become vitamin D deficient. A free treatment: remind yourself winter pain is temporary and summer is coming!

Stay active inside. A study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found people with joint pain are more sedentary in the winter and spring, likely because of the increase in their joint pain caused by drop in barometric pressure. While it may hurt more to get moving, low-impact exercise inside your home, gym, or yoga studio can help lower inflammation, tension, and pain. Even a walk around the mall can help. Exercising prevents your joints and muscles from stiffening due to inactivity, which would cause more pain when you do move again. Make sure to stretch in the morning and at night.

Swim in a heated pool. This can help alleviate pelvic, back, and joint pain while reducing stress and helping you maintain weight.

Layer up. Wear hats, gloves and layers of shirts to stay warm in cold weather. This prevents your muscles from contracting around nerve endings. Fewer muscle spasms means less pain and inflammation. You can also keep warm with a heated blanket or a heating pad on your pelvis. You can even toss your clothes in the dryer to warm them up before you put them on in the morning. Warm up the car before getting and get bonus points if you get a car with heated seats. Heated seats are a miracle for women with endometriosis.

Turn up the heat. Don’t feel bad turning up the thermostat at home or cuddling in front of the fireplace. If heating expenses start to get too expensive for you, many states let you apply for bill assistance when you have a disease like endometriosis that requires you to crank the heat up. Just make sure you have a letter from a doctor stating your medical need for extra heat.

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